Joel. G.

I purchased a maltipoo and a morkie puppy from their establishment on feb.14th and both puppies are doing great. They did cry plenty in the beginning but now they are well adapted to our family. We named them Thelma and Louise. I never write reviews but I wanted to just say, Thank You!


I have purchased two dogs from Bow Wow babies, and I couldn’t be happier! My Shih Tzu and Pekingese are best friends and are the loves of my life! Everyone in the store was extremely knowledgable, and friendly when I left to go home with both dogs I felt very prepared and learned in proper puppy care. The store is immaculate and all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the puppies (including sanitizing your hands before looking) Not to mention all of the fabulous accessories for my fur babies…I could go crazy! Thank you so much Jeff for my loves! I would most definitely recommend this store if you are looking for a happy healthy puppy from someone who truly loves animals! XOXO A & H

Marissa K.

I have gotten my three dogs from Bow Wow Babies and love them to bits! I have two Maltypoos Jack and Jill and my Shipoo Berney. Berney is a little bigger than I thought he would but I love them all. I love the place so much I travel from Great Neck but it’s worth it.They are often busy when I go in for grooming but I trust the groomers so I don’t mind having to deal with all the other shoppers or making my appointments in advance. I have lucked out with the sales staff helping me because I have gone in without knowing the name of what I needed and they have helped me figure it out.

Joan L.

I purchased a mini goldendoodle puppy on may 29th 2014 and everything has been just a pleasure. Carley loves everyone she comes in contact with and she follows our cat all around the house. She does use her pee pad most of the time, but the goldendoodles are quick learners. I even spoke to the breeder, she was a bit odd but she loves her dogs a great deal from what I can get on the phone. The feeding program I was given was somewhat technical but we were shocked she eats everything we purchased from them. The hard part is not taking her outside yet, I was told she needs all her shots. I tell all my friends about bowwow babies and how clean the place is , believe me most of the puppy stores were disgusting and we were running out the door. I recommend them to everyone.

Corrie T.

we love our french bulldog we purchased at bwb. Tyson is the sweetest thing i could ask for.I was so nervous at first but the staff helped me make the decision a bit easier. he loves his daycare and still loves his heartbeat doll. thanks bwb


The store is neat and clean and the Sales woman was very helpful. I wish she wouldn”t use pressure tactics and just was more laid back. However; she was polite, nice and helpful. We got a Havapoo and saw the Vet next door, West Hills Animal Hosp. They all were great! He subscribed an Antibiotic for Kennel Cough and asked us to see them or our Vet within a week. We took her to our Vet 5days later. They checked her out and dewormed her once again and checked her stool sample. She now has Coccidia and is being treated. We all are praying that this will bring her a clean bill of health. So my warning is to get your dog to the Vet within the week and watch for signs of mucous in the stool. These are common ailments for pups but, none the less, concerning. I was nervous because she is only 10 weeks old and weighs 2.3 lbs. Thank God, someone is always around to watch for anything concerning her health. Good luck to anyone considering Bow Wow Babies.

Mike S.

We purchased two Toy Poodles from Bow Wow babies and the experience was wonderful. The staff (Lisa and Jeff) were incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We arrived just before closing to pick them up and Lisa stayed almost two hours past closing to train us on the care and feeding of our puppies. We then went next door to the animal hospital to check them out and the vet there was wonderful. The next day, we received calls from both Bow Wow Babies and the animal hospital to see how our dogs were doing and to answer any questions. This is a store that cares about dogs! A couple of days later, we took “the girls” to our own vet and she said they were in great health. We could not be happier with our whole experience!!

Fred S.

Our experience was totally different than what many have described here. The staff at the store (Lisa and Jeff) were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. It’s true that Bow Wow Babies does not let everyone who walks in pet the dogs, but that is for the safety and health of the puppies. After all, it is not a petting zoo! We ended up buying two Toy Poodles. We went back a week later to pick them up and arrived later than expected. Lisa stayed an hour past normal store hours to train us on the care and feeding of our new dogs. She could not have been nicer. We then went next door to the animal hospital and the vet there was wonderful and told us both dogs were in perfect health. The next day we received calls from both Bow Wow Babies and the Animal Hospital to ask how our puppies were doing and to answer any questions. Today, we took “the girls” to our own vet and she too gave them a clean bill of health. Bottom line, our experience with Bow Wow babies could not have been more positive.

Pamela B.

The Shop is beautiful! They have a huge assortment of unique pet items, the staff was very nice, and there is an employee consistently cleaning and disinfecting the puppies area which was important for us. The pups ARE on the higher price range, I am extremely happy with my Frenchie, he’s a gorgeous blue fawn. If I can take this day back, I would’ve avoided going to the hospital next door. Upon purchasing the pup, the owner sets up an appointment with the Animal hospital next door to make sure the pup is OK before you take him home. Our appointment was set for 4:00 PM, they completely forgot about us and waited for an hour and 15 minutes before seeing the vet. When the vet came he only looked at the pup and said he looked fine. Had I known the check up wasn’t going to be thorough I would’ve just went home after purchasing him and made an appointment with a vet of my choice.