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Our Biggest Sale Ever!!! You can SAVE ($200-$750) OFF ALL THE BREEDER’S PRICES***WE ARE OPENED TODAY IN SAFE CONDITIONS, So come with your family…

*FREE 24 HOUR Vet Care with our Puppies!
**Our Puppies are all Between 8 to 16 Weeks of Age.
***Not all Available Puppies are Shown – 631-923-3111

Few things promote love and affection more than a brand new puppy to care for. Puppies bring joy and satisfaction to many lives and the pups at Bow Wow Babies come from some of the top-rated breeders around The New York Area and throughout the United States.

  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff.
  • High Quality United States Kennels and Breeders.
  • Vaccinated Puppies and Hypoallergenic Puppies.
  • Wee-wee Pad Trained with a FREE puppy Training Class.
  • Cavachon puppy. “Doria Lemur” #VW65113/5

  • Cavapoo puppy “Brogan”. #VW10402/26

  • Cavapoo puppy “Cherry”. #VW37882/26

  • Cavapoo puppy. “Boomer”. #VW94832/26

  • Cavapoochon puppy “Bambi”. #VW29732/25

  • Cavapoochon puppy ” Bunnie” #VW80312/25

  • Cavapoochon puppy “Ferris”. #VW67462/25

  • Cavapoochon puppy “Henry” #VW14982/25

  • Cavapoochon puppy “Petunia” #VW70923/5

  • Cavapoochon puppy “Rosalee” #VW38853/5

  • Cavapoochon puppy. “Jezzabell”. #VW30001/20

  • Cavapoochon puppy. “Burger” #VW00981/20