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She knows everything, but really knows nothing…….

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A very unfriendly customer came in the store on Oct 25th looking for a Mini Goldendoodle puppy….This customer, her name is “Laura” of Huntington came in with a terrible attitude and for no reason. Laura called earlier in the day saying she was driving 7 hours from Huntington to Pennsylvania(Amish) to get a puppy simply because it was less money but she decided she would stop in to see our place. Bowwow Babies caters to an educated customer that cares about where the puppy came from and is it healthy. What set Laura off was that she realized a fine quality Mini Goldendoodle is above her financial means which is ok, but don’t get nasty with us for this reason. She also did not like the fact that the puppy was alone in her playpen due to the fact her brother was sold 30 min prior to Laura’s charming arrival. She said the puppy was shy and un social, which is because the horrible energy Laura gave off. The puppy was sold that afternoon to a wonderful family worthy of owning a delightful Mini Goldendoodle puppy…Check our facebook to see her going home on Oct 25th…The customer has called and raved about the puppy, while Laura drove 7 hours to buy god knows what from god knows who…Good Luck Laura you are a delight!

Buy from a breeder, Really????

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I cannot believe the people that come in to our boutique and tell us that they got their puppy from a breeder. Meanwhile after chatting with them, we learned how they went online and purchased their puppy. Little do they know that their puppy came direct from one of the worst PUPPY MILLS in the USA… see now that we have the puppy mill laws in some parts of NY State and other states as well, the terrible breeders can no longer showcase their puppies in pet stores and pet boutiques because they have many violations from the USDA. These puppy mills will now sell their puppies all over the internet. Hence all the unsuspecting people who actually think they are buying their puppy from a quality breeder………

a meaningful thank you……wow

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It means so much to our staff when clients just say how wonderful their puppy is. We always can count on, “the puppy missed the wee wee pad”, “the puppy barked the first night home”, etc…. It really is wonderful and special when we get a Thank You…….

Black Imperial Shih Tzu Puppy Playing in Huntington Long Island NY at our Puppy Store

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Watch this black imperial Shih Tzu puppy play in our Huntington Long Island NY puppy store! All of our puppies are from USDA licensed breeders and we go beyond the licensing factor by checking with the state every 30 days to make sure that our breeders are FREE of any direct or indirect violations with the Department of agriculture.

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It’s really difficult screening all the breeders……..

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God knows we keep on top of the reputations of breeders as well as their USDA reports. However, a breeder can slip through the screening process which allows all the puppy kennels and stores to be duped into believing it’s a caring breeder, even we have been misled and with great regret represented a puppy from a breeder we may not have had complete transparency. It would NEVER be intentional to resell a puppy from a sub-standard breeder and we follow the guidelines that are imposed. We are now finding that breeders change their names and can slip under the magnifying glass. Some breeders even put their breeding dogs under a different name, I think they may tell the USDA that they sold there breeding dogs to another breeder. We are now going to post a list on our website to help puppy shoppers avoid purchasing a puppy from a sub-standard breeder or even a broker…When we had the meeting in Riverhead NY last spring I thought the law should have been more defining, such as listing the names of breeders puppy retailers could not sell puppies from, however, it was passed as stores could not use breeders with violations. I also thought that if a breeder had more then 50 breeding dogs it should be prohibited as source for puppies. This to got shot down. You see there are breeders out there with 500 breeding dogs and NO violations but I always think how is it possible to give the attention to all those dogs……I do hope our beware of breeder list helps…..

We Updated our Puppy Store Alumni Page!

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We are so proud of our reputation for the selling of Healthy puppies in our West Hills / Huntington Long Island New York puppy store. We are recognized by the Tri state area as Bowwow Babies the puppy store that sells quality Teacup, Toy and miniature puppies for sale on LI. Our fabulous Bowwow Babies customers are always satisfied with our puppies because we care. I hope you will be the next to become a Bowwow Babies alumnist. If you come here to our Bowwow babies boutique in Huntington you will simply adore our teacup, toy, and miniature puppies all for sale on Long Island New york.

You can view our alumni page by clicking here – BowWow Babies Alumni.

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