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Digging a deeper hole……

March 27, 2017 Posted in: Puppy Store

The new law in Suffolk county stops stores from selling puppies from private breeders….”HELLO” “HELLO” “HELLO”……wrong choice. What you are doing is making stores get puppies from commercial breeders only, isn’t what we are trying to do to stop stores from selling puppies from sub-standard commercial breeders??? This is totally counter productive. You see some of the best quality puppies are from the hobbyist breeders, they are always healthy and well socialized. We were told it would be overturned but I don’t think a promise from anyone in politics means anything.
Another new law that was passed in Suffolk county is, no leasing a puppy anymore. The reasons are not with any substance what so ever, The radical animal activists are saying that puppies are being repossessed by the finance companies. This has not ever happened, not even once.I thought in AMERICA you had a choice of what to purchase and how you would like to pay for it. The big problem here is the law is pushing people into some of the worst stores and online mills,which gave reason to add the new puppy laws.If store have more then 1 location they are just running the financing thru their other locations located in Nassau or other counties in New York(which is happening as we speak), not fair for the good puppy stores in Suffolk. The revenue is just going to Nassau county stores and flooding the internet with purchases from puppy mills(Consumers think they are real caring breeders on line).
As the stores close slowly all the consumers are shopping in the puppy mills of the internet and each person really believes it’s from a private breeder, WRONG! This will NOT make people adopt more pets from the shelters, they will just drive a little further or go to the internet, either way Suffolk county looses. Bowwow Babies is a company that enjoys placing puppies with people, I hope we can continue do so for years to come…….

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