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January 8, 2016 Posted in: Puppy Store

My daughter has been asking for a puppy ever since we lived in a hotel for 9 months while our home was renovated. I kept telling her ” when we go home.” We have been home for a year now and I never got that puppy.
Shopping at the mall one day we went into the puppy store. My daughter fell in love with a cute little Coton De Tulear. The puppy was adorable but the store was horrible. I am highly allergic to dogs so a hypoallergenic puppy was my goal. I even took two benadryl and waited 20 mins before I went into the puppy store. I immediately started reacting to the store that was obviously not cared for properly and was filthy! I have Westie and I’m fine with him and he doesn’t effect my allergies. Taking two benadryl as prophylaxis and waiting to go into the store I should have been fine and wasn’t!
We left with my daughter crying and me wanting to jump into a vat of clorox.

What did i do? A few days before Christmas and my daughter is crying and all she wants is a puppy and deserved one. I did what we all do and googled ” best puppy stores in Nassau and Suffolk ”

Bow Wow Babies came up in Huntington. I waited for them to open called and rushed right there forgetting my just in case benadryl. As i walked through the doors i thought thank god this place is immaculate I didn’t smell the yucky smell I smelled at the pet store at the Lake Grove mall. This place was so clean! I was in my ocd heaven!

I went to the puppy area. So many cute puppies! I still wanted my Coton but they didn’t have any that week. So I looked around at the malteses.

Next question was can I hold her. I was nicely told to look around a little more watch the puppies and when I was ready I could hold the puppy that I was interested in. I was also told that not to touch the puppies because they are babies and they don’t want to chance them getting sick. Some people find this to be mean I thought wow i love this place! !! I’m very ocd and germophobe. Baby puppies are babies and if people can’t understand why they shouldn’t be handled by a million different people a day they have no business owning a puppy or a dog! i loved how Bow Wow Babies, Lisa and her staff protected these innocent babies!

I stayed that day for at least 3 hours. Lisa i think is the owner took her time and told me all about the puppies. Lisa also asked about my family and other pets in the home. She then told me that she has the perfect puppy for me. A Bishon. I looked at her and thought she was cute but wanted a tea cup puppy.

I looked around and kept looking at the maltese. I think Lisa thought I needed a little help and she put me in a sanitized room, made me purell my hands brougt in the bishon.

I held the bishon and she kissed me! I held her on my lap next I am next thing ya know I’m in love with my little cotton ball running around me in a circle, jumping on me and smooching.
In the room I was talking to my mom on the phone and telling her about the puppy and the maltese. My mom who used to breed yorkies said if any breeder or store is going to sell you a tea cup puppy with a seven year old child they aren’t reputable.

I came out spoke with Lisa and we spoke about my daughter and she said the bishon would be a better choice because she’s a little bigger and it would be a better suited puppy for us… I told her my mom just said the same thing! Umm there is no way they heard my mom talking to me on my cel across the room. I was so taken back. Lisa at bow wow loves her puppies and will only match you with the perfect baby for you.

lisa knew the perfect puppy for my family.

I took my puppy the next day. Also took her to the vet and she is healthy! No cough, no parasites just happy and healthy.

I got what I was told I was getting! A wonderful healthy puppy!

I can’t thank Lisa and the staff enough! They all answered my questions all day!

Lisa is a straight forward honest person. If you want someone to full your head up w lies and nonsense to make a sale don’t go to her. Lisa will tell you the truth , her professional and personal opinions. Lisa has no problems telling you what breeds she likes and some she doesn’t and has the reasons why. I absolutely love this lady and more importantly the puppies do! They go crazy when they see her and get so excited. That says it all!

I would absolutely recommend this place for anyone looking for a healthy well cared for and a puppy protected by her seller puppy. So for anyone who wrote posts saying they are mean and you weren’t allowed to hold the puppies i dont suggest you buy a puppy at all! These are babies and need protecting. I learned that the hard way when my 12 week old Rottweiler died from Parvo. That puppy died because the breeder didn’t educate me like Lisa did! That puppy left us because his breeder only cared about money and not the health of our babies.

Tracy Longo

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