She knows everything, but really knows nothing…….

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A very unfriendly customer came in the store on Oct 25th looking for a Mini Goldendoodle puppy….This customer, her name is “Laura” of Huntington came in with a terrible attitude and for no reason. Laura called earlier in the day saying she was driving 7 hours from Huntington to Pennsylvania(Amish) to get a puppy simply because it was less money but she decided she would stop in to see our place. Bowwow Babies caters to an educated customer that cares about where the puppy came from and is it healthy. What set Laura off was that she realized a fine quality Mini Goldendoodle is above her financial means which is ok, but don’t get nasty with us for this reason. She also did not like the fact that the puppy was alone in her playpen due to the fact her brother was sold 30 min prior to Laura’s charming arrival. She said the puppy was shy and un social, which is because the horrible energy Laura gave off. The puppy was sold that afternoon to a wonderful family worthy of owning a delightful Mini Goldendoodle puppy…Check our facebook to see her going home on Oct 25th…The customer has called and raved about the puppy, while Laura drove 7 hours to buy god knows what from god knows who…Good Luck Laura you are a delight!